Customize your forecast, master your inventory

Build highly customized forecasts taking into account market trends and seasonal patterns. Never miss a growth opportunity ever again!

Unlocking supply chain excellence for E-commerce brands

Leading supply chain solution that is easy to use and customizable, resulting in a straightforward process that helps you grow your business.

Easily integrates with your shop system and marketplaces

Transparent and accurate forecasting for effective inventory control

Seamless data integration from sales channels

Import and consolidate warehouse and sales data, providing an overview of your current inventory status.

Customized inventory forecasting

Create forecasts tailored to your needs, including seasonality and market trends.

Instant replenishment alerts

Receive low inventory alerts and notifications when re-order times are approaching.

Why choose Venderly?

Simplify your supply chain

Achieve clarity and confidence in your supply chain operations, from inventory forecasting to shipment.

Fuel your growth

Free up time from daily operations and shift your focus towards growth and product development.

Increase profitability

Optimize your supply chain process to reduce COGS and boost profitability.

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Efficient operations suite for e-commerce excellence

Effortless data aggregation

Easily consolidate inventory and sales data from all sources for a complete view of current stock levels.

Advanced centralized collaboration

Seamlessly collaborate with suppliers and team members across all orders.

Tailored forecasting with proactive alerts

Customize forecasts to align with your business needs, market trends, and seasonal fluctuations with proactive alerts.

Streamlined purchase order management

Create and manage purchase orders efficiently, while gaining complete visibility into order statuses.

Efficient shipment order management

Simplify shipment processes, receive real-time updates, and manage documents centrally.

Enhanced cash flow visibility

Gain insights into upcoming payments, prevent cash flow shortages, and unlock capital tied up in inventory.

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Elevate your business growth! While your business is flourishing, your operations may be falling behind. It's time for an enhancement.

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How Venderly works


Import data

Connect your shop system and warehouses, and import all relevant data for a comprehensive overview.


Customize your needs

Configure your supplier and business data, and receive accurate and insightful predictions for your inventory.


Enhance efficiency

Get clear visibility across your purchase orders, shipments, and your cash flow in one centralized platform.

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